5 Ways I Use Essential Oils Daily


I started using essential oils just over 3 years ago now. Time freakin' flies. I turned to them when I was struggling with sleep and stress and the ever revolving door of adult and corporate life. It was a last resort / "what do I have to lose" kind of interest at the time. I'd never known they were really a "thing" before that, and really never thought they could be used for things like sleep and stress! Needless to say, I was intrigued and hopeful that they would change my current state. And girl. If you're reading this and are in a similar spot, you should be, too!

Back then, I had been having sleep issues for at least one solid year by that point (I. know. right. bah #allthebugeyes). I was literally starting to lose my mind! Even on the nights I would sleep a solid amount of hours, I'd wake up feeling miserable. And to top it all off, my hubby was having THE SAME ISSUES. So, some nights, we were just keeping each other up. BLEH. To help us (or so we thought) at the time, we started taking over-the-counter sleep aids which seemed to only sometimes work and most times would leave us both feeling groggy with this sort of weird whole body numbness thing... if you ended up not falling asleep before they kicked in and the next morning. It was really not a pleasant thing. Sometimes, I couldn't even sleep when I took them. This probably goes without saying, but it was just a stressful time. Especially that situation by itself!!

And I don't know exactly why I all of sudden had sleep issues back then. It came on slowly and suddenly. At first, it was only occasionally and then it was EVERY NIGHT. But I believe it was a combination of stress, feeling ON all the time, lack of regular exercise, and by the end of it, just being OVERLY exhausted without any reprieve. I did so much research on it at the time and what always came up was Adrenal Fatigue. Now, I was never officially diagnosed by doctor or anything like that, but I did start implementing diet changes and activities that supported management and reversal of that kind of fatigue (in addition to EOs).

Now, looking back, I seriously don’t know how I got through 27 years of my life WITHOUT essential oils. I had been looking for them all along without knowing what I was looking for. To be honest, I've never been a go-to-the-doctor kind of gal unless it's a routine check up. After I turned 18 and was on my own, I never went when I just "felt sick". I think I knew on a subliminal level that my body would know what to do and could clear whatever it was up without the need for antibiotics or another prescribed medication (even over-the-counter). 

I've always kind of been anti- all of that subconsciously. And besides, growing up, I used to get sinus infections twice a year, every year (AGH! Anyone else know that feeling?). And every single time, I was in the doctor's office getting another round of antibiotics. By the time I was in middle school, I was already immune to one antibiotic that I took regularly for sinus infections >> Augmenten. Crazy, right? Needless to say, my sick visits to the doctor at that point started tapering off as I looked for natural remedies that seemed more sustainable and health conscious in my mind. Especially for dealing with a chronic issues. (UPDATE: I rarely get sinus infections anymore. Not because of essential oils necessarily. Although, I'm sure they help. No, it was because I changed my diet!)

So, anyways! ENTER: Essential Oils. They quite literally saved my life and I still use them every single day, for just about anything. If you're looking for a natural and holistic approach to health and living well, essential oils are definitely the way to go. I love having an arsenal of natural ways to support my body and mind just arms length away! 

Plus they smell good and just make you happy (because they have mood management benefits,too)! SERIOUSLY. Anything you can think of. #oilforthat

So, here's 5 ways I use them on the daily. And GIRL. You should add them to your life routine because they will enhance the F out of it.

And before we dive in, 1) I am NOT a doctor. I still support modern medicine wholeheartedly. This is not a replacement; 2) I only recommend dōTERRA essential oils, but that doesn't mean the brand you use girlfriend isn't AH-MAZ-ING. My experiences, which were life-changing, came from the dōTERRA brand, so they hold a special place in my heart and I TRUST this company one million percent. They offer the purest essential oils on the market and I wouldn't want anything less for myself or FOR YOU; 3) these routines and oils I'm diving into below are the ones that work for me. Everyone is different. You'll likely have to experiment to find your personal magic potion, if you will. It took me what felt like a million trials and oil samples to find what my body needed back then, but I did finally find it (I talk more about that below)! 

Alright-y. Now that's out of the way. ONWARD. Let's get to it!!


Naturally, I'm still very adamant about supporting my sleep time and routine with these babies! The main ways I do this: by diffusing single oils or blends nightly that support sleeping and sleeping well. No more groggy feeling in the AM or waking up every few hours. I also apply them topically, typically to the bottoms of my feet, the back of my neck, and over my heart.

The oils I use on a regular basis now:

Single Oils

1 / Lavender - Probably the #1 oil you could intuitively reach for to help with sleep without knowing much about it! I love Lavender. One of the things that used to keep me up back then (and I still get them now) >> minor heart palpitations... you know that fluttery feeling of your heart when you're trying to lie still and go to bed, but you can't because you feel like your heart is racing to some finish line. Trust me, I know the feeling. Lavender helps CALM your heart. Not only will I diffuse this baby, but I will always apply it over my heart. Even frequently before bed and especially if I am having trouble falling asleep (that's always the kicker) because yes, sometimes that still happens.

2 / Marjoram - Came out of nowhere to me and has quickly become one of my favorites to diffuse at night. It's sweet, yet subtle and so very, very calming. I like to combine this one in the diffuser with AromaTouch (see below).

3 / Cedarwood - This guy is heavy and earthly, and just puts you to sleep without much effort! For me, it's really similar to Vetiver, and a great alternative. Cedarwood mainly comes from cedar (that may have been obvious 😉) and juniper trees like Vetiver comes from a grass root (see below). Cedarwood goes great with Lavender, Serenity, and even Marjoram.

Oil Blends (which just means it's made up of several single oils)

1 / Aromatouch - This is another oil that crept up on me and quickly became one of my favorite go-to's for sleep. It's a blend of Cypress, Peppermint, Marjoram, Basil, Grapefruit, and Lavender. I usually pair this one with Marjoram and/or Serenity (see below).

2 / Serenity - Also one of the first oils I started with. Back when I was having my major sleep issues, my nightly diffuser blend was always this gal and Vetiver (see below). It's still in my group of favorite go-to's and is a staple for anyone needing support to sleep well. This one is blended with Lavender, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Vanilla Bean Absolute, and Hawaiian Sandalwood. I pair this one with almost every other oil I've just mentioned! It goes well with all of them.

Other oils that helped me through my journey initially:

1 / Vetiver - This is the oil that saved my life. It was literally THE ONLY THING that helped me sleep back then. I would diffuse this either by itself or with the Serenity blend I talked about above.

2 / Balance - By far my TOP FAVORITE (I know, you're like, Leah you love all of them. Seriously 😉). But really. This one goes with me everywhere from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. It's always close by. I think it was one of the first ones I smelled that I was like I HAVE TO HAVE IT. I use this one for sleep support, managing stress or overwhelm during the day, and I also love to add it to bubble bathes! I like to diffuse and apply this one topically for all of the above to the bottoms of my feet or back of my neck.

Stress Relief 

So confession time >> I'm one of those people that can tend to worry, get stressed out, or overwhelmed A LOT. It depends on the situation but if I care deeply about something and much of my time is invested in it AND it's linked to my livelihood or family's well-being naturally a normal person may get worked up from time to time. HA. Anyone?? I'm also a bit of a people pleaser, so when it comes to the general public and everyone I know... I am ALWAYS worry - about what they were thinking, do they like me, did I offend them etc. etc.

So, I say this, but really it's not that bad. Haha. REALLY. I'm not certifiable plus it's really gotten SO MUCH better over the years into adulthood. For lots of different reasons. My health and sanity for one because I'm sleeping again. Exercise. Being invested in something that's literally JUST FOR ME. Having ME time. Being confident in who I am, no matter what other people are thinking. Basically putting on those blinders, so I only focus on me and my little bubble of life as much as possible and not extenuating circumstances. All those things and more have helped. 

Where essential oils come in for me as it relates to stress >> so definitely in the moment they come in handy. If I'm trying to not care so much about a situation or just take a deep breath and relax my thought process, I'll reach for them. But using them preventatively  (so just daily when you aren't necessarily stressed, but just part of your daily routine) can help curb those kinds of mood swings 

Balance is my number one. If I'm on the go or at work, it can be as simple as opening the bottle and taking a big whiff or applying it over my heart or on the back of my neck when I first wake up in the mornings and during the day if I find myself going to an overwhelmed or frustrated state. Using essential oils becomes such an intuitive thing the more that you use them (of course, REMEMBERING to use them also takes practice, too!).  

I also love Peace, Lavender, and Wild Orange.

Fitness Fatigue

And well I'm just getting older! I can happy say that I'm on my second year of working out on the regular again and it really does feel so good. For me, it not only helps with feeling like I'm staying healthy, but with stress management AND sleep. Win, win, win girlfriend. When I was going through all my sleep issues a few years ago, I didn't have a regular workout schedule. I had gotten out of the habit of going routinely. Coupled with the amount of stress I was experiencing at the time, me and sleep were not friends. If you're into the fitness thing, I'd highly recommend figuring out the best way to fit it into your schedule and just do it FOR YOU. And consider having an accountability buddy! That does wonders, too.

So regardless, now that I'm working out on the reg again and I've just barely breached the decade of my 30s.... sometimes I have aches and pains 😉 A lot of mine are either from old injuries or just from being as active as I was growing up. I played soccer from the age of 5 until the end of middle school and on and off between that time I was always in the dance studio. Then I was ONLY ever in the dance studio through college. I've partially torn my ACL, significantly bruised the tendons in my right foot, and have had tendinitis definitely in one, but I think now in both of my hips. SO SOMETIMES. I get a little achy after working out. Coupled with just being sore from the actual work out I'm doing... haha... oh, my thigh - right?! 

My go-to's for just about any physical ache or pain is Deep Blue + Aromatouch. I know, you're like, but wait... Aromatouch is used for sleep. That's what is SO GREAT about essential oils. ONE oil can have multiple applications across a wide variety of areas in your life. Aromatouch is quite literally the Message Blend, so I would say it's main function is to relax and ease muscle tension. 

Now, Deep Blue - it's called the Soothing Blend and comes in many different forms. The essential oil blend AND in lotion form. That's the Deep Blue Rub which I like the most. Think of it like an all natural Icy Hot. But better and the BEST kind of thing to put on your body. It is a bit intense, so a little goes a long way and one thing to note - always wash your hands after use! It's got that cool and hot thing going on like Icy Hot, so you just want to make sure it only goes and gets into places you want it to go 😉 

For both Aromatouch and Deep Blue, I apply topically to the area that's achy as much as needed. That's it! 


Something I've always struggled with is digestion. Whether it be from diet, a food allergy, stress, or that time of the month... I'd say there's ALWAYS something going on down there! Right after college when I got my first desk job and just wasn't as active as I always had been, it became apparent that something was up. At the time, I adopted the fundamentals of the Paleo diet which significantly and in the best way possible disrupted whatever issues I was having. Thank the lawwddd. For the longest time, I thought I had a minor intolerance to lactose because my troubles only seemed to happen if I had a lot of cheese or cream cheese or just lots of diary in a sort amount of time. That dairy usually came along with a CARB. And now, after implementing the Keto diet into our lives, I think the culprit may have actually been GLUTEN. 

Needless to say, I'm feeling great now, but you can never go wrong with digestion support. The one oil blend I use daily for this is DigestZen, and actually this was one of the first positive experiences I had with essential oils when I first got started! It seriously works almost INSTANTLY. Like you're feeling bloated and that nothing will ever move, then you apply DigestZen, and things start working again. Seriously. NOT an exaggeration! I apply daily in the mornings and in the evenings over my lower belly.

I also have somewhat of a strict rotation of supplements that I take daily - all from doTERRA - that also help support not only digestion, but female fertility. I'm basically doing a mini cleanse every month for my gut - which makes all the things better - especially, skin, stress, and sleep! Also, fertility. Speaking of...

Female Fertility

So, I also use essential oils to support all those female functions we ladies have and which all basically come down to fertility. So I mentioned that strict supplement rotation I have... that really started out to help me re-balance my monthly cycle. I had been on the pill for almost 10 years and when Nate and I got married, I said BUH-BYE to the pill. Like literally, the day after we got married, DONE and DONE. Well. It took my poor body a little bit to get used to that. My first period off the pill didn't come for 60 days. Essentially, I missed one period after I was first off of it and then it came back all by itself and hasn't gone away since 😉 BUT. The quality of my period - which is indicative of the quality of your uterine wall lining that will support pregnancy and a growing babe - was not good. 

So, diet changes were a big thing - I implemented a whole lot more protein in the form of red meat and chicken for iron support. Did you know that after you have your period, your body is low in iron? Makes sense, but I NEVER thought about that! It's a good idea to replenish what you lost through your period by having foods that are rich in iron during and just after - like red meat, chicken, eggs, etc. That will also help you have a balance hormones, which also helps you have a balanced cycle, and hopefully low or no PMS symptoms.

Okay, anyhoo, I'm getting off track. I've done way too much research on female fertility! So, in addition to diet changes, I also implemented a strict supplement rotation that also included daily use of essential oils that supported where I was in my cycle on any given day of the month. 

ClaryCalm - the Monthly Blend For Women - is the biggest player. It basically helps manage mood and all the other effects of your cycle throughout the month, especially cramping. Let me tell you it's amazing. Once you start using it and then maybe have a month where you're forgetting a lot - ha, I've done this - you notice SUCH a huge difference! With cramping especially, but with other PMS symptoms you might get too! No joke, ladies. No freakin' joke! It's a must have in my daily routine. Plus it smells amazing, so it doubles as a natural perfume. It comes in a rollerball bottle, so just roll over your pulse points that support the female reproduction system - wrists, lower abdomen, and on the inside of your ankles just behind your ankle bone.

Grapefruit (which supports cleansing functions and progesterone levels) and Lemon (which also has gut cleansing properties) are also included! When using doTERRA oils, these can be taken internally - just add a couple drops to your daily water intake. Make sure to use a glass or stainless steel cup including straws!

So, holy heck, we covered a lot. Still here??? I love you for it. Thanks for hanging with me today. I hope you found something in here that can be of positive use in your life! And btw, do you use essential oils? Tell me how you incorporate them in your daily routine. Leave me a comment before you go below! Xx.

*Disclaimer – Hey girlfriend. I wanted you to know that this post may contain affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you chose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link. I don't want you to worry because I only recommend tools and products that I personally use and love and I always have my readers' best interest at heart. Thanks for hangin' with me!