The Cheeky's Take On Charleston [Again] : 2019 Edition

Location : Isle of Palms

Location : Isle of Palms

Well, we did mix it up this time. We weren't JUST on East Bay Street in Charleston for once! We ventured to the Mount Pleasant area and hung out on Isle of Palms beach front for about 5 whole days. It was seriously magical. Our good friends are partial owners of QC Kinetix - a non-surgical regeneration and pain management clinic in Charlotte, Charleston, and Asheville - and they brought a bunch of us together - friends, family, coworkers - to celebrate their recent successes and they definitely did it right with a huge, absolutely gorgeous beach front house stocked to the brim with anything we could ask for and a personal chef to boot (shout out to Food, Fire, & Knives - THEY WERE AMAZING). We were really lucky to be apart of it! This trip was part work, part fun - but mostly fun for The Cheeky's because we're just friends of the owners and our highlight reel is huge, but I won't bore you with all the deets right now.

Here are (possibly, but still up for debate) our top 5 highlights (and more) from our long weekend away! 

1. Mount Pleasant

A big highlight of our trip was staying beachfront in Isle of Palms! Most of our time between days 1 - 4 of our trip were spent beach or poolside and where we were was just plain gorgeous, so it was hard to leave! Needless to say, we didn't get out and explore too much in Mount Pleasant, but I do know that Shem's Creek (I've heard you should absolutely hit up Tavern & Table) and nearby Sullivan's Island (check out the Obstinate Daughter) are cute little spots to visit if you feel like venturing away from the sun and sand (which somehow we didn’t this time!). I have it good authority those places rock, though!

But obviously being on the coast, the beach was the main event. Isle of Palms was beautiful and the weather was almost perfect. That never-ending Isle of Palms breeze makes it a perfect time of year to go!

And let me tell you, with that gorgeous weather, you know all the walks on the beach were taking place - in the morning and late night. It's probably one of my favorite things to do at the beach. Me and the girls took a walk every morning as our exercise for the day. You know we had to justify all the sitting and drinking and eating that was about to take place because, you know, vacation and beach! Nate and I also took a really long walk after we watched the last ever episode of Game of Thrones - 1) to process what had just happened and 2) to talk about how much better we could have made the last season 😂 (although it's still epic). During our walk, we even saw a neighbor watching it in their huge mansion home FROM THE BEACH. Crazy, right?

We had SO much good food, too! That was mostly courtesy of our personal chef, Food, Fire, & Knives, but one night Nate and one of his buddies also orchestrated the best shrimp boil! It was delish and a major hit with the group. Nate loves making a good shrimp boil. Get his recipe deets here!

We also had some interesting discussions about the expanse of the universe and the ocean - which seems appropriate being on the edge of what seems like the world for a few days. They always seemed to come up at night. First, because my husband just had to take a swim every night. I know, scary right? We kept tabs on him each time, but it was definitely dicey for ME. Second, specifically about that big star looking object that's always next to the moon which is actually Jupiter (mind blown) AND that the point of the big dipper always points towards the north star so, super random, but if you're EVER lost in the woods you can find you're way home (although YOU probably already knew that; ME, I feel like I live under a rock sometimes 😂).

2. Battery Park / White Point Gardens

Next up - the most beautiful park in Charleston! Once we finally left the beach (which was not easy), this is basically our first stop after we grabbed some coffee and a cocktail at East Bay Meeting House. If you've never been (to the garden), it's definitely a must see on your next visit. It's so tranquil. I could probably sit in the park all day long. The oak trees are massive and absolutely gorgeous. It's also dog friendly, has lots of history, and currently is home to the nesting yellow-crowned Night Herons. That was a beautiful site in the park that we'd never encountered on our one of our trips before! Fun fact : we had our wedding ceremony in this very park! We also love taking a break in the courtyard behind High Cotton on East Bay Street. There's a fountain feature, seating, and is really shaded! A great place to take a break on your sightseeing adventures. 

3. The Vendue

Hands down one of the most unique hotels we've ever stayed at. Each room is designed completely different and is insanely eclectic! Ours this time had a glamorous 50's and 60's kind of vibe equipped with a working lava lamp, 50's style radio, and all the red and black glam decor. And I must say their continental breakfast is to die for. It's not your average free brekky. They had homemade cheese danishes, apple turnovers, hard boiled eggs, and every kind of bread you can think of - bagels, English muffins, sourdough, you name it. The coffee and accompaniments were also quite amazing. Nate simply added half and half and almond milk creamer to ours, and it was THE best coffee I had all week (probably because I didn't make it 😂)!

4. Tradd's, Baker's Bar + Husk

A trip to Charleston isn’t complete without multiple amazing restaurants to try! Okay, so first Tradd's, then Baker's Bar + Husk. Ready go >>

Y’all, Tradd's was PHENOMENAL. We didn't even eat anything (only because we just did happy hour 😜), but it was SO GOOD. If you’re looking for amazing summer cocktails and a perfect almost twilight ambiance this place definitely has you covered. Plus a great happy hour and the bartenders rock! Happy hour is everyday from 4-6pm and everything is on special - wines, well liquors, beers, and specialty cocktails. #allthethings. We opted for the specialty cocktails - Lillet (aperitif wine) is definitely IN right now. It was all over East Bay Street (see more below!). I also tried the Spring Fling (which has nothing to do with Lillet, but was still so good!) made with Cucumber Vodka, St. Germaine, Fresh Lime Juice, and Prosecco. What's really cool about Tradd’s and their bar - their cocktail menu is seasonal and every drink on their list is crafted specially by each of their amazing bartenders (they even share who created what on their menu 🙂). It really adds a personal touch to the menu and restaurant!

Okay, Baker's Bar. We randomly stumbled upon knowledge of this place when we popped into One Broad for a quick load off (it was SO HOT AND HUMID after our breezy stay on Isle of Palms 😒). It’s a tucked away speakeasy right underneath One Broad! And by the way, One Broad (how many times can I really say this in 2 sentences?? // also I dare you to say One Broad 3 times fast!) is a cute little cafe on your way to or from Battery Park! But, getting back to Baker’s Bar, it’s REALLY small, but perfect for any quiet night out with (more) specialty cocktails and pizza! There's no sign other than a small chalk board that sits on the stairs at the front door. But, all you have to do is find One Broad at the end of East Bay Street before the residential homes begin and it's the first door to the left of One Broad's front doors.

Husk is a staple restaurant for us when we go to Charleston, so naturally we had to stop by at least once while we were in town! We had lunch there on our last day, so it was 100% nostalgic and sad all at the same time - 1) because our trip was winding down and 2) because it always seems to be our last stop on our Charleston trips! But still lovely all the same. The hubby and I made it a long lunch with cocktails (go figure, right?) and lots of great conversation. It was perfect! Definitely make a reservation at least the day before (that's what we did this time) or get there as soon as they open. Either is a must if you want to actually get seated. That place is always hopping and seating is limited since it's in an old house. Still by far one of the best places in Charleston! They recently opened The Bar at Husk next door, but it doesn't open until 3pm and again is REALLY small, so get there EARLY. They did just add some outdoor seating, but still. Be waiting outside before they open!

5. Lillet (Lee-LAY)

If you haven’t noticed yet, Nate & I are cocktail people! We LOVE trying a new specialty and Lillet (aperitif wine) is definitely IN right now. It was seriously all over East Bay Street and I’m super excited to add it to our summer cocktail rotation this year! I tried cocktails with both the rose and the blanc. Both were REALLY good. At Tradd's, I had the Lillet All Day which was made with Lillet Rose, Mt. Gay Rum, Apricot Liqueur, Lemon Juice, and Lavender Hibiscus Bitters. Literally to die for. High Cotton also has an amazing Lillet cocktail right now called Lillet Spritz (yup, like an aperol spritz, but with Lillet instead)!

So, this was our baby highlight reel for the weekend!

There was A LOT of other things going on and so many other good things to see and do, but these were by far my favorite. In Charleston along East Bay Street, you'll also want to check out East Bay Meeting House Cafe, Ru Ru's, and waterfront park (early morning so you can see the dolphins or late night so you gaze at the moon [and Jupiter 😉])! I find that every time we go to Charleston, we never cease to find a new favorite spot or thing to do. And there's always too many spots and never enough time! Have you been to Charleston? What's your favorite thing (or things!) to do?

PS. Did you know?

Nate and I got engaged in Charleston, too! While you're here, check out the deets of our weekend when Nate proposed! Who knows, might give you (or your future spouse via you 😜) some ideas)!! Check it out here.

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