Introductions & Me Behind The Scenes


Hey y’all! Welcome! I’m Leah, and you probably guessed it – I’m the face behind The Cheeky Life! I’m pumped that you're here attempting to create your best life yet, living intentionally and well while being uniquely you – and I just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself and give you a sneak peak of me behind the scenes!


I’m a native New Yorker, but really a sweet southern gal at heart. Most of my life has been spent in the Carolina's - North & South! I’m a newlywed to Nate, who’s native to New Hampshire via Chicago {and yes, an avid Patriots fan}! Our two sidekicks are the sweetest lab-mix rescue pups around, Sage and Riley. 2017 was a big year for us as a family, and can definitely be categorized as the “year of change” and “new beginnings”!

Meet {My Hubs} Nate

He loves hats and sunglasses. Plus Tom Brady and The Pats! He's also a golfer and my biggest supporter. This was taken on our honeymoon in 2016 while we visited Jamaica!

Shutterfly_Share_1320001 (1).jpg

Meet Sage & Riley

Sage {on the left} is the most kind-hearted pup you will ever meet. She’s much whiter now, but still in her prime at 5 years old! She's terrified of thunderstorms, but loves just being near us.

Riley {on the right} is a major cuddler and can’t be but 2 feet away from us at anytime! She also loves our clothes and is terrified of the oven and the noises that smoke detectors make when they go off!

20170702_131031 (1).jpg

A few things we got to do in 2017:

  • We celebrated our first year anniversary!

  • We started some much needed {and the first of many!} house renovations.

  • We got to travel to our favorite cities: Asheville, Charleston, Nashville, NYC

  • We rang in the new year in Nashville.

  • I turned 30 and celebrated in NYC!

{more to come on each of these fun adventures later, so check back!}

Why Am I Blogging?

I thrive on making soulful connections with people, sharing life experiences, creating community, encouraging wellness, and elevating my vibrations in the universe. Writing and reaching an online audience is one of the ways I want to expand my touch and circle of people, and a big part of the reason I started this blog. I also love to write and this is my creative space!

I want to bring you life hacks and experiences that will encourage abundance in all areas of your life. Belief in the law of attraction, and that each and every one of us can manifest exactly what we want from the universe drives me each and every day! I am all about creating my best life {my dream life} and making it a reality for me and my family, and I want to help inspire you to do the same! You're likely here and vibin' with what I'm putting down because you desire the same out of life – something MORE. Something creative, intuitive, and inspiring. Freedom to be uniquely you and live your wildest dreams.

What Exactly Will I Be Blogging About and What Can You Expect?

As an aspiring lifestyle blogger and influencer, you can expect a wide range of posts from me. But, basically I'll be focusing on home + life + style – home life with my #cheekyfam and our adventures, thriving and living better at home, plus the occasional best Target find and #ootd inspiration because I can't live without either!

This is my creative space, but I also want to help you live better, make you laugh, be relatable, and connect with you! My hope is to be a source of positive energy and life force for others. And admist all the amazing and inspirational peeps you could be (and are) hangin' with, I'm so glad you've chosen to be here with me, too!

Don’t worry – I won’t be inundating you all the time. I’ll be coming to your inbox just a couple of times per month.

And I want to hear from you! Please get involved by subscribing, commenting, and sharing any blog post that truly inspires you. I encourage all types of feedback, so if you have questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns, please email me here or leave a comment below. All feedback is much appreciated!

Interested in guest posting?? Let’s connect! I’m all about supporting your dreams to become a full time blogger, writer, and much more.

I’m so excited to create this community together, and I can’t wait to start hearing from you!


*Disclaimer – Hey girlfriend. I wanted you to know that this post may contain affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you chose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link. I don't want you to worry because I only recommend tools and products that I personally use and love and I always have my readers' best interest at heart. Thanks for hangin' with me!