Our Cheeky Life Essentials


Have you been wondering where "cheeky" falls into all of this yet? Well, if you haven't, I'm sure you have now! So, I married an Italian guy - Nate - with a really crazy last name and we get asked all the time how in world we say our last name. So, there's practice and then there's just inserting a phonetically easier way of saying most of it... That's where "cheeky" comes in. And actually, to our closest friends, we are affectionately known as The Cheeky's!

But, before we get to that. Here's a little back story regarding The Cheeky's (aka me and Nate)! Don't worry, it's the quick version!

We met at work in 2012, had our first date on St. Patty's Day that same year, and have spent almost every day together since. We were engaged in 2015 and married a year later, both in Charleston, SC. These days, you can typically find us at home remodeling our house or out and about trying a new local spot for date night. We can definitely both be homebodies and are probably both considered extroverted introverts! Enjoying all the Netflix and chill and puppy snuggles is a favorite past time at our house. So is cooking up a fire outside and cooking up food inside! We're aspiring parents and are working hard to grow our little family with little ones of our own.

That's pretty much us in a nutshell right now! Adventures and meeting new people also fall somewhere on that list, but I could just go on and on! Let's get back to our last name. So, for those of you who have no idea >> our last name is Filicicchia. I know. You're like, "do what now"? 

So, "FILI" is pretty straightforward. Say it like the abbreviation for the city (philly). "Cicchia" however is not. So, just do what I do. Instead of saying "seetchia" (or just stopping at “fili”)... try "cheeky"! And altogether now... fili - cheeky - ah. OMG. You literally just got it right! 

So, anytime you see something from me with "Cheeky" in the title, it's likely going to be about both Nate and I. Here’s a little corner of our world just for you, if you will! So without further ado, I wanted to share with you our Life Essentials. These babies, in no particular order, help keep our little family growing and running on the daily and by sharing, I hope you might benefit from them, too!

1 // Streaming Platforms

Yes, that's plural! Because Nate got rid of our DirectTV last year. Sorry, not sorry. <insert shocked emoji face here> Ha, but not really. We're good with it! Our favorites include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. And yes, potentially in that order. Hulu is slowly inching it's way to the #1 spot! We are avid fans of binge-watching epic TV show series. Some of our all time favorites include Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders and Homeland (like back in the day Homeland - Season 1). I think the first time I ever binge-watched anything - and this was really before streaming platforms were THE THING (Netflix was a thing, but not like it is today) - was actually with Nate. He got me hooked on 24, although I'm pretty sure I've never actually seen it from season 1 to the end!

2 // Google Sheets

I'm sure you know, but it's like Excel just in Google form! We love it because we can access it from almost anywhere, anytime on any device. This keeps us in check with money and budget-wise on the reg! It's actually Nate's passion - financial analytics - he checks, re-checks, and updates this thing DAILY. He's basically setting us up for world domination. aka // no debt and financial freedom ASAP. This is where our #cheekyfamily budget lives and breathes. He's a big supporter and believer of the Dave Ramsey method and currently, we're paying off our last form of debt >> the mortgage! If all goes according to plan, this baby will BE GONE come year end 2019!!!

3 // Coffee & Cookbooks

Here's a two for one! Nate and I both LOVE coffee. I mean love it. For me, it's like Christmas in a mug every morning. I used to take it hot with creamer and Nate would do it iced with creamer all day long. We always use 100% Arabica Whole Beans for the best quality and grind it at home ourselves. Dunkin' is a hot spot for us, too and so is Starbucks in the winter for all the Chestnut Praline Lattes I can handle!

Lately, we've migrated back to the Bulletproof coffee method. 1) To save on food costs (creamer IS SO expensive), 2) to be a little healthier because we're still on that Keto train, and 3) because it's so yummy. I can sip on this kind of coffee all morning long and NEVER feel the effects of the "old" way I used to have coffee. Seriously. No jittery feeling or headaches, ever. I actually feel GOOD after I have coffee like this.

And all Bulletproof coffee really is is coffee (preferably good coffee, like 100% arabica), a good butter (like Kerrygold), and MCT oil (also known as fractionated coconut oil- here's the one we use, but there are lots to choose from) blended together. We read up a lot on the actual Bulletproof Coffee brand and method - and absolutely love it. But, we just use generic versions of these ingredients right now and adapted our version based on that method.

And if you haven't noticed already, we also love to cook and we love to cook together. Flipping through Ina's Make It Ahead Cookbook and Joanna's Magnolia Table is a top weekend to-do! I've rounded up some of our favorite recipes from each one. Check that out here! By the way, if you purchase Joanna's cookbook from Target, you'll get a version with exclusive recipes!

4 // Amazon Prime 

Because who can ever remember when they need toilet paper and batteries? Not I. But TG for Amazon! We use subscribe and save for all the toiletries and paper products I can't seem to remember to pick up at the store BEFORE we run out of them. HA. Our recurring orders usually consist of toilet paper, paper towels, sponges (for cleaning!), 9volt batteries (because OMG, This Is Us), and dog food! Yes, dog food. Get it delivered straight to your front door. No more carrying 33lbs of dog food to my car anymore! We get a lot of other 1x time purchases from there, too. 

5 // Essential Oils

No, this is not an #ad! But, I seriously LOVE essential oils if you haven't noticed that already! They are tha bomb, peeps. Like literally. THA BOMBBB. If they aren't in your life yet, they need to be (and they should probably be doTERRA. Just saying.). They are all natural and can replace just about ANYTHING you buy from the store. Seriously. Except for obviously food... come on! ;) Think all-in-one cleaning slash health and well-being slash pain relief slash smell good slash everything-you've-ever-needed kind of tool. You can check out 5 Ways I Use Them Daily here!

6 // Proverbs 31 Ministries

For spiritual health and daily devotion! Proverbs 31 is a local ministry to our area that dishes out the juiciest spiritual insight from a different writer and contributor every day. It comes right to your inbox first thing in the AM. It's the perfect way to start your day positively and the content will just GET you. You know? They also have great on-your-time bible studies that typically happen every 4 - 8 weeks, and this app called the First 5 to help facilitate and make bible study easier. Their shop also has really great gift options (like treat yo' self style and for all the women in your life)!

So, what do you think?? I hope these little babies will help enhance and benefit your life, too! What are some of your life essentials - things you can't live without or go a day without using? Tell me in the comments! Oh by the way - want to keep this blog close with you? No problem! Hop over to my Freebie section on the website and download your free copy of Our Cheeky Life Essentials Toolkit!

*Disclaimer – Hey girlfriend. I wanted you to know that this post may contain affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you chose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link. I don't want you to worry because I only recommend tools and products that I personally use and love and I always have my readers' best interest at heart. Thanks for hangin' with me!