The Ultimate Guide To Starting Something New

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Who’s blown away that’s it’s already 2018?! I know I am! I mean, seriously, where did the time go in 2017?? It’s a new year and with all new years comes heart filled goals of beginning new, starting fresh, AND starting something new! Can anyone relate? Starting a new “thing” is always so exciting, yet completely overwhelming and totally freakin’ scary all at the same time! Whether it be a change in career path, starting a side hustle, or learning a brand new skill, no matter your amount of excitement, you have that and likely double the amount of anxiety and overwhelm.

I know that’s how I felt when I decided to start my side hustle as a blogger / virtual assistant. I dreamed of creating something different for me and my family – a chance for us to have more financial freedom, time to thrive, and really just TIME to be together as a family and do the things we love most. That sounds SO amazing, right?! I know your “why” is probably different than mine, but we all have that inner purpose that drives us day in and day out. And we’ve all had that ah-ha moment where we decide and commit to make that change that actually makes our WHY possibly. But, then what?!?

So, you’ve made this amazing commitment to yourself and maybe your family too, and now it’s all up to you to make it happen. So, where do you start? How the heck do you actually make the dream a reality?? Take it from me, it takes time, effort, and a little bit of patience, but it’s all worth it in the end!

Start any new thing with these 5 easy steps

1. Daydream and JOT-DOWN All The Things

Or generically… just brainstorm! Grab a pen and paper, and get cozy in your favorite spot in the house or at your favorite coffee shop. Just let the juices flow – think intently on your dream life without limitations. Jot down everything that comes to mind especially things that will get you closer to starting that new thing. Don’t take this time for granted – take as long as you need to get all the things out of your head. Brain dump! Try using this simple Daydream Sheet to jot-down all of your thoughts!

2. Research

Next up = research. After jotting down all your thoughts about your new thang, you’ve probably realized a little Google research will go along way in helping you get started! Don’t underestimate this piece of the puzzle, either. Research will start narrowing your focus and a plan will begin formulating! Say you want to start a side hustle as a virtual assistant. Research top influencers in the field to find the best tips about what services to offer, how much to charge, and launching your very own website!

3. Make a Plan

Without a plan to focus your intent and shape your purpose, the overwhelm of all the things you just wrote down and all that research you just took in will likely stop you from ever taking the plunge… so, don’t let that happen! Step back, digest what you’ve dumped all over that paper, revisit and reread as many times as you need to. Then sit down and plan your next steps to making your dream WHY a reality. Read over your daydream sheet including research and pick the top 4 or 5 foundational things that will jumpstart your new thing. Think about what needs to happen first, second, third, fourth, and fifth to help get you to the end goal. Do you need to take a course or read an ebook first? Or maybe purchase certain software programs, sign up for a membership, or get physical equipment to trigger the next steps to happen? Number them 1 – 5 on your daydream sheet and then only focus on them!

4. Set Goals

Of your top 5 daydream sheet steps, set goals to achieve these steps! Even consider categorizing your daydream action plan steps further by adding subcategories. If you need more than one thing to happen to complete action plan step #1, for example, add those additional steps as subcategories. If your action plan step #1 is to take an online course, you might need to budget for the expense of that course, purchase the course, and then schedule time to complete it! Consider these steps subcategories to achieving your overall daydream step and give yourself a deadline to complete them by. Sometimes it can’t all happen at once! Don’t’ forget – make them achievable for yourself! Use SMART goals to make this happen. SMART | Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. Grab your free Goal Setting Cheatsheet now!

5. Time Block

I love time blocking! It will literally change your life if you’ve never tried it before! It’s a super helpful tool to successfully schedule your day, week, or month, and accomplish your to-do list. In this scenario, time blocking will help you focus and prioritize your time on completing the smaller tasks that make up your overall goal! Especially if you’re already juggling a full time job, kiddos, or really just more than one thing – this type of planning for your fringe hours will help to focus your intent and time. I love the Passion Planner especially for this, but there are so many options! Planner Pads are also a great way to get started with time blocking. Check them out here. Not ready for all that just yet? Try my simple, easy to use one-pager for time blocking.

So, are you ready now? Feeling inspired??! Well, go get ‘em! I can feel the excitement building, and I’m freakin’ thrilled for you!! Don’t let the corresponding overwhelm of starting that new thang stop you from taking the leap and diving right in! Daydream your heart away, write it all down, research, make a plan, set goals, time block and execute! Always remember, baby steps = momentum; momentum = progress; progress = end goal. Check out these insiders tips exclusively from me during my quest to start something new for even more inspiration!


Bonus Tip #1 – Find Influencers!

Those who are trying to do the same thing as you! Are you trying to start a side hustle? Research top individuals in this niche on Pinterest or social media. If their online vibe jives with you, follow and subscribe to them! Influencers are great to have for inspiration, encouragement, and support.

Bonus Tip #2 – Let go of being perfect!

Trust me, I’m the biggest perfectionist around, and I would have never gotten my website launched if I’d let my perfectionism get in the way. That first blog post never would have gotten published either! Remember, this is YO new THANG! You’ll ALWAYS have time to edit undo and redo any. time. you. want. Don’t forget that!

Bonus Tip #3 – Don’t play the comparison game!

Oh the dreaded comparison game – how easy it is to sucked in, especially on social media! Don’t fall into that trap. Do your research to find the best influencers and celebrate their success alongside yours! If they can do it, SO CAN YOU! Let their success be an inspiration to your goals and dreams.

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