Sizzlin' Summer Shrimp Boil Recipe


We love a good shrimp boil at The Cheeky residence! Even one of our wedding weekend events had a shrimp boil as the main event. Perfect for a large gathering, totally manageable as the host, and a definite crowd pleaser! You can't really go wrong with one. Here's our not-so-secret #cheekyfamily (and by that I mean Nate's 😁) recipe.

Serves 20 - 25

Prep Time : ~60 - 90 minutes

Cook Time : ~50 minutes


  • 15 pounds shrimp (we recommend a local shrimper or seafood joint, especially if you're near the coast) 

  • 5 lemons, halved

  • 12 pounds small red potatoes

  • 40 frozen half corns on the cob or 20 full corns cut in half (if corn is in season, get fresh)

  • 10 pounds Andouille sausage 

  • 1 cup Zataran's shrimp + crab boil (this will be pretty mild, so if you’re looking for spicy: double or triple!)


  • Clean everything

  • Slice sausage

  • Bring water to boil

  • Add seasoning

  • Add lemons

  • Add potatoes, cook 15 - 20 minutes, then check. You want them to still be tender, but you can pierce it with a fork easily. They’ll be slightly more than halfway cooked.

  • Add sausage, cook 10 - 15 minutes

  • Add corn, cook 7 - 10 minutes

  • Add shrimp, cook 2 - 3 minutes

  • Remove from heat right away

  • Serve piping hot

Other tips :

  • If you're at the beach or in a windy place, you'll want to block your pot while it's coming to a boil. It will have a dramatic impact on boiling time. If you can't or don't, plan for more than 1 hour of to boiling in a large pot.

  • Serving : dump everything onto a table that's covered (we've used newspaper, serving trays, a sheet, and a disposable table cloth before), plan for a little bit of a mess, but a lot of good food! Use paper plates! Have lots of to-go containers for your guests and for yourself.

  • The Pot : we have a commercial grade size (~40 - 60 quarts) with a strainer - make sure all ingredients land in the strainer!

  • Heat Source : plan for a burner fueled by propane. Ideally, you cook everything outside.

  • Shrimp : buy shrimp that's already peeled and de-veined. Once you find your shrimper, CALL AHEAD. Sometimes you can't get that much shrimp on the spot.

  • Dips : we love horseradish, cocktail sauce, and BBQ sauce.

  • Leftovers : Have a low country scramble the next morning! Add everything, except the corn, into a skillet and cook with eggs!

  • [Update] : try adding vidalia onions (3 for the above quantities)

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ENJOY! Make sure to stop back by here and tell me how it was below!

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