The Proposal


Almost 3 years into marriage and I can remember the day Nate proposed like it was yesterday! We took a weekend trip to Charleston, South Carolina for the first time together just to get away and obviously it turned out pretty magical! At the time, I was so intent on making sure the details of the proposal (like the exact wording of every second 🙂) didn't get lost as the years past that I journal-ed about it once we got home from our trip and recently, I found what I had written! It brought back all the feels and all the memories that I wanted to share it here with you!! #allthehearteyes I think writing it down and reliving the experience that way afterwards also helped solidify all the little details in my mind, hopefully, forever! It's a wonderful thing, the power of writing. But, before we to get the proposal itself, here's a peek into our story -

the quick version.

Our Story

We Met - Early 2012

Our First Date - March 17, 2012

The Proposal - March 16, 2015

Marriage - October 15, 2016

How interesting it is to see our milestones, so far, written out like this!

But anyhoo, let's set the stage of our weekend getaway. Nate planned the trip all by himself... with little to no input from me. I know right?! I can't recall exactly HOW that part of the story started. Only that we wanted to get away, he wanted to plan it, and kind of surprise me in the process. All of which was okay with me! 🙂 He would ask me little things like, "Do you want to go alone or with friends?" or a this or that question about the type of hotel we'd be staying in. But, otherwise, I was in the dark! The biggest things I knew before we left: 1) the city we were headed to 2) where we were staying and 3) that it was just me and him. I was SO looking forward to it.

It was a funny thing, as we got closer to the weekend, a lot of the people in my life at the time between work and in our personal life, made mention about Nate proposing to me that weekend! Not as a surprise gone bad, but actually because they were wondering about it and well - I wasn't at all! I was actually convinced that it wasn't happening just yet, but in hindsight and well because of actual events, I was COMPLETELY wrong. So without further ado, here's the story of The Proposal.

The Proposal

We had planned on waking up that morning at 6:45am. We were going to grab coffees at The Press in the hotel lobby of The Vendue, make our way to the pier at Waterfront Park and watch the 7:29am sunrise in Charleston, South Carolina.

As the alarm on our smart phone attempted to serenade us awake, we kept on as we were… sleeping, dreaming, zzzzz… Until finally at 7:15am, we began drifting to consciousness realizing that annoying jingle was not in our dreams, but coming from our alarm clock.

We checked the time and jumped out of bed, frazzled that we might miss our opportunity to see the beautiful sunshine breaking over the distant horizon. We forget about coffee plans and head straight to the pier, relieved that the sun's rays had barely started to touch the morning sky.

We took photos as we made our way down the dock. We noticed a Carnival Cruise Ship had just made port at the nearby Port Terminal Pier. I did not envy any of the passengers debarking the ship… nor any of the town's people heading into work that morning. We had a spot all our own that early Monday on Waterfront Park Pier. A swinging bench was open for us to enjoy. Middle section awning, front row. We settled in, and got ready for the main event. Little did one of us know that the main event was actually not the sunrise...

We continued taking photographs of the beautiful morning; the sun had finally shown its true colors and dazzled us with her presence. We chatted and breathed in the relaxing morning air. Nate wished Leah a Happy Anniversary. St. Patrick's Day marked the beginning of "Nate & Leah" 3 years ago that very next day. Leah laughed and loved how cute he was. He never really mentioned things like that! Nate then said, "I got you a little something, but you have to close your eyes". Leah was quite intrigued and did so without a fight. She heard him get up and he definitely opened something.

Finally, he said, "Ok, open your eyes". I could barely contain my surprise and excitement as I focused on the picture in front of me: early morning sunrise in the background, deserted pier, and Nathan Price Filicicchia down on one knee holding the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. And before I really even knew what was happening, Nate was asking me to marry him and I was saying yes without hesitation. Nate then told me to put on the ring and I said he must put it on her finger!

Then we were hugging and laughing and kissing and back to swinging on our swing watching the sun get higher in the sky. We eventually did get coffee at The Press and found our way back to the pier. On the way, we saw dolphins breaking the ocean's surface; the water was extra calm that morning; barely moving.

The rest of the morning was spent filming the dolphins and drinking coffee. Eventually we got ready for the day and found our first place to celebrate our awesome news – East Bay Meeting House Café.

The rest of the day was spent be-bopping around Charleston, seeing the sights, history, and enjoying as many restaurants as we could fit in before the sun set!

Our Travel Deets

Hotel | The Vendue

The Proposal Location | Waterfront Park

Our Favorite Restaurants of this Trip | The Vendue Rooftop // East Bay Meeting House // Husk // Stars Rooftop Bar & Grill // 39 Rue De Jean //  The Drawing Room

Notable Adventure | Goorin Bros