My Top 10 #BossLady Essentials

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A girl always needs her favorite essentials to bring out her personality and make working like a lady boss more fun, convenient, and productive!

Here are my top 10:

1. Anti Blue Light Glass from Ladyboss Glasses // These anti blue light glasses protect my eyes from all the screens I stare out throughout the day! Laptop, computer screen, phone (and I'd like to think TV) included. They filter out blue light that's emitted from screens. This helps to not only protect your eyes from strain and fatigue but also reduces migraines (if you get those after long hours at the comp) and actually encourages better sleep (because blue light stimulates your brain waves). These are a must have if you're a lady boss working long hours on your laptop or phone because you're building your empire! They are also super stylish - that's half the reason I wanted them (these are the ones I have in glossy black). Quick tip: if you wear prescription glasses or contacts (like me), just be sure to wear your contacts and then throw these babies on. Easy peasy. I'm hoping they will create ones that are prescription at some point!!

2. The Content Planner by Kat Gaskin // I'm a newbie to using this planner, but oh em GEE. I'm already hooked on it! I love all types of planners anyways and when I started on my blogging journey I HAD TO HAVE THIS. And besides you will love Kat! She's so fun and gives SO MUCH to her audience.

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One thing with planners for me - while I love them and wholeheartedly promote using them for anything, once I purchase them and they are with me to finally use.... I clam up! That main reason being > I want to use them in the best way possible... with pretty pens and stickers and I don't want to mess up. HA. To me that's the worst thing, having this beautiful planner that I've written and scribbled all over because I kept changing how I wanted to use it. I actually get overwhelmed if the planner and the way I'm using it isn't tidy and used "correctly" (of course, there really isn't an incorrect way - that's just what happens to me)! Especially one that is blank (no dates and lots of space for you to write on).

So, ANYWAYS. Back to one of the reasons I love Kat so much > she gives a free #planherchallenge where you plan content for a whole week with her. It's all via email with super short, valuable, and actionable videos. She gives you an exclusive look into how she plans with her content planner and provides tips on how to use yours depending on the niche you're in. I love having a building block or fundamental understanding of how to use something so that I can adapt it for ME. So this challenge is SO PERFECT. Here's a sneak peak of what the videos look like. You can also sign up for the challenge here!

3. Planoly // Another amazing content planning tool. This one is for visually planning your Instagram grid! I've tried several similar planning tools (Later and Tailwind, included), but Planoly is by far my favorite. It's super intuitive, you can drag and drop pics to figure out the best and most aesthetically pleasing 9-grid preview, and their analytics and how-to's / tips are to boot! 

4. Evernote // I've had Evernote for a long time, but never really utilized it to its full potential until now! I keep and organize all of my blog content and ideas with this baby. I used to use Google Drive, but that just got too overwhelming and I'd always at some point start running out of space! Evernote is so easy to use and organize. I love the Notebooks feature! It makes organizing your content super intuitive. 

5. Jenna Kutcher Podcast // I love this woman. She is such an inspiration! I reach for her podcasts when I'm feeling stuck, discouraged, and am in need of inspiration. Also, during my designated personal development time (which I'm trying to get better at)! Side note: WHENEVER you feel like you're failing or not living up especially to your own expectations, take a step back and invest some time in yourself through personal development. Her podcasts are packed full of juicy and valuable information relating to being and developing as an entrepreneur. 

6. Planners + Notebooks //  I love all things about planners and notebooks, but don't think I have a particular favorite or go-to for either. As long as I can hand write to-do's and other lists or just get things out of my head, I'm a happy camper. I also like to keep it fresh and change it up every year. But, for planners, as long as it has a monthly and weekly view with lots of writing space I'm golden. I've also grown to really like a daily breakdown by hour do for time blocking. I typically pick up my planners at Target! Notebooks are also a must-have for me. I love being able to continuously write down ideas, keep content lists, and other content related brainstorming sessions I sometimes have in my brain. Works as a brain dumping place for me and I can take it with me on the go! I think I'm a little bit old school - I still really love handwriting things and having books around! Speaking of books - and notebooks - Barnes and Noble has a great selection and is one of my favorite places to get special notebooks to keep me inspired while content planning. 


7. Time Management Tracker // I used to think time trackers were overrated, but I was 100% wrong. When you have an already full schedule and you're using fringe hours to work on your dream, hobby, or just something you love that you're fighting to grow - a time management tracker really comes in handy! I go through periods all the time where I feel like I don't have time. That brings frustration, overwhelm, and discouragement! A time tracker has allowed me to see how much time I'm actually spending on one task or another, and helps me establish a general guideline for how long certain things will really take me. That makes it easier to plan and schedule out my time on daily basis. Typically, the task I feel like I can't ever get to or won't have enough time to do is something super attainable and easy to tackle (as far as time goes). I just have to sit down and GO FOR IT. I really like Toggl, but I've also used Freshbooks. Both are easy to use and have free options!

8. Personal Process // Create and come up with a process for all the things you have to do. Especially to complete those tasks that make up your bigger goal and if they are recurring. Make sure that it works for you and helps you fully complete those daily, weekly, monthly items so you can keep growing your dreams. A project management system, like Asana or Trello, will also do the trick. Me, I like to flow more. Every day, I intuitively set a task list for myself that fits within my current state of mind. This helps me accomplish more AND actually sparks more joy for me. 

9. Personal Development // In any form you can think of - podcasts, books, research, meditation, yoga. However you can unplug your brain a bit and detach from your grind. This helps recharge the creative juices and acts as inspiration when feeling stuck or discouraged. I'm working on getting better at fitting this into my schedule more. It's easy to feel like you have to keep pushing forward. but, sometimes it's good and REQUIRED to give yourself at least an hour / day to recharge those creative juices.

10. CWYL // Last but certainly not least - CWYL! HA. Not the best acronym in the world but in my little corner it stands for coffee and current favorite spot, wifi, and yoga pants / leggings. All you need to build your dreams is your favorite place to create, wifi, and definitely your favorite pair of yoga pants and leggings! Currently, my favorite spot is the couch, although I've also been loving my bed lately, and you can ALWAYS find me in yoga pants and leggings with all the bulletproof coffee in the world.

Tell me about your #bosslady essentials!! What haven't I thought about?? I love trying news things and techy gadgets. Leave me a comment before you go! Xx. 

*Disclaimer – Hey girlfriend. I wanted you to know that this post may contain affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you chose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link. I don't want you to worry because I only recommend tools and products that I personally use and love and I always have my readers' best interest at heart. Thanks for hangin' with me!