Thoughts on Valentine's Day


After our first Valentine's Day together, Nate and I have typically treated this day just like any other day of the week, month, or year! Really. Other than the occasional card, bouquet of flowers, balloon (or sometimes nothing!), we try to focus on intentionally creating time for us. And not necessarily with all the bells and whistles of “Valentine’s Day” - although don't get wrong, sometimes the bells and whistles are SO GREAT. Now, I say all of this, but I can totally see Nate on the other side of the room giving me a harsh disagreeable look. He went ALL OUT for our first Valentine's Day - surprising me ALL DAY long - that every year I'm curious about whether that will happen again!! What DOES usually happen is a date night to a new restaurant around the same time as v-day. Sometimes we go fancy, sometimes casual, and other times we just stay-at-home! 

What We Did This Year

This year, we kept it traditionally low key and celebrated 2 ways in the also traditional #cheekyfamily sense >> First with a cozy, late night dinner at home on Valentine's itself and then we tried a new local spot that weekend - The Improper Pig in downtown Fort Mill!

Cozy Late Dinner At Home

Nate was working late that night, so I wanted to surprise him with an (almost) home cooked meal! Our menu consisted of garlic herbed rotisserie chicken from one of our local grocery stores, Harris Teeter, sauted kale (which we already had in the pantry), cooked cauliflower (also in the pantry), and a lovely Josh Cabernet Sauvignon red wine! I also grabbed a bottle of our favorite bubbly - Lamarca Persecco. All I had to do was pour myself a glass of wine then prepare and cook the kale and cauliflower while the already cooked rotisserie chicken was warming in the oven. All of which made creating the menu and preparing dinner really simple! 

Seriously. The epitome of an EASY weekday dinner. I will definitely recycle!

Of course, Valentine's night dinner would not be complete without some of the necessary Valentine's accoutrements such as Reese's hearts, a cutesy card, and Valentine's themed napkins! The nice thing about getting all of this the evening of... all of it was on sale! 

Nate had the same idea - on his way home, he grabbed ANOTHER bag of Reese's (just the regular kind) AND a small arrangement of peach roses, already vased and everything.

Funny story - the Reese's I bought. I totally grabbed WHITE CHOCOLATE Reese's hearts without having a clue until we opened the bag that night. Oops! At first, we were really sad and disappointed.... but then we weren't! I think they might actually be my new favorite kind of Reese's!!! Nate, thankfully, grabbed the regular kind so we were able to indulge in both!

The Improper Pig Date Night

This place is the PERFECT addition to our little growing downtown area!! It's quaint and cozy, and currently a hoppin' place, so if you want to get there without having an hour to an hour and a half wait, definitely get there early! That's what we did. 

On the Saturday after Valentine's, we headed that way around 4:30pm and by the time we walked in (maybe by 5pm at the latest), the place was already packed! We're traditionally bar people, so we kept the traditions going strong and luckily found 2 available seats at the teeny, tiny, cozy bar top. It was the perfect spot for us. 

We had the nachos with smoked chicken, edamame, and the smoked chicken wings (which oh my gah are to DIE FOR). We also tried a few of their signature cocktail beverages - me in particular that is - and went with first the Pomegranate Margarita and finished off the evening with a few of their Resolutions. The latter is basically a gin and tonic with champagne and rosemary - so delicious!!

It was a gloomy day - much like it is as I sit here and type this right now! Side note: we haven't seen the sun around here for about 2 weeks now! Anyhoo, I kept my outfit casual, functional, and cozy to mostly accommodate the weather conditions, but also to feel comfortable and uniquely myself, too! This outfit basically doubles as an-almost-any-occasion outfit, especially during those cooler and gloomier times of the year!

You can check out all of my outfit deets here!

But, you know, when it comes to Valentine's Day - it is really just another day! Don't get my wrong, I love celebrating these little holidays especially those that encourage closeness and intimacy with your life partner! BUT. There are so many different types of LOVE. Right?? You can celebrate ALL of those loves in lieu of the "traditional" Valentine's Day. I think the sentiment of the day represents way more than what the day has actual become! So embrace all the different kinds of LOVE today >> spousal love, family love, friend love, fur baby love, self love << and you won't go wrong!



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