Our Fur Babies

Nate calls them my unplanned pregnancies! Both I rescued without actually planning to. But, we love them to absolute bits & pieces. Our life would not be our life without them!


The most laid back and sweetest pup you will EVER meet. All she wants to do is play and snuggle, but she loves her space and just needs to be in eye-shot of you at all times. She’s a lab mix, was born in July 2012, and was the last of her litter to get adopted! She is my heart.


Just about the sweetest pup you will ever meet, too. She’s a little more hyper and has to be within 2 feet of you at all times, but she’s 100% lover and all she wants to do is snuggle. She’s also a lab mix, hates the oven and smoke alarms, and just wants to meet all the people and all the creatures! She is also my heart.